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Recently, self-service vegetable stalls took their debut in two wet markets at Lantian and Huachi in Putuo District. Customers can choose vegetables in four sections marked by RMB 1 yuan, RMB 2 yuan, RMB 3 yuan, and RMB 4 yuan respectively and can drop the money into a box as the payment
Introduction of Official Safety Control on Chinese Products of Animal Origin for Export & Import
Examination and Approval of the Import and Export of Breeding Stock and Poultry
The Examination and Approval of the Import of Crop Seeds
License of Forest Transplant
Application procedure for subsidy for forest construction
On the preferential policies for the construction of economic forests
How to handle the application for the labeling of GM organisms
Applying for License for Cutting Down Timber
Fresher and cheaper tuna and salmon? Luchao Harbor to be built into a first-echelon fishing port in 3 years
Chongming daffadillies make their debut during the Lantern Festival and those in Riverfront Forest Park will remain fragrant at Pure Brightness Festival
Dongtan of Chongming forging itself into an eco-tourist destination
2,882 rural residences renovated, roads repaired and rivers dredged
"The No. 1 Beach of the Yangtze River" to be Completed in 2014
500 Families Building Vegetable Gardens on Balconies with User-friendly Methods
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Strawberry Seeds
The 3rd International Organic & Natural Products Fair Shanghai China
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Qing Xi Company
Zhejiang Deqing Dongli Foodstuff Inc., Ltd
Shanghai Luli Green Food Corporation

Addr:200 People's Avenue Shanghai China    
Approved by: Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission    
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