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Winners of 3rd Ten Best Farmers Award announced
Date:2016-12-23    Source:Information Office, MOA

The winners of the third Ten Best Farmers of the Year Award were announced in Beijing on Dec. 22, 2016.  


Mr. Chen Xiangyang, Chairman of the Farm Machinery Specialized Cooperatives of Henan Township, Miyun District of Beijing, and other 9 farmers from across China were honored for their outstanding performance and contribution to China’s agricultural development in 2016. Minister Han Changfu attended and addressed the award ceremony. 


Minister Han noted that the winners are the leaders of new-type professional farmers, pioneers of modern agriculture and forerunners of rural reform and innovation.


The Ten Best Farmers of the Year Award is a program organized and facilitated by relevant media. The winners are selected from professional farmers engaged in modern agriculture for over 5 years. They stand out with large-scale operation, advanced technologies and environmentally sustainable practices, playing a demonstration role in agricultural sector. The annual Award grants winners 100,000 yuan for each.

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