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2018 China-Russia Joint Enhancement and Release Activity Held in Tongjiang
Date:2018-08-07    Source:


In order to strengthen the conservation and restoration of fishery resources in the waters near the border between China and Russia, and to demonstrate the achievements of China-Russia fishery cooperation, the 2018 China-Russia Joint Enhancement and Release Activity was conducted on August 1 in Tongjiang, Heilongjiang Province. More than 200,000 fries of sturgeon and 6.5 million fries of Silver carp have been released, which means great significance to the restoration and development of fishery resources in Heilongjiang Province. It is a great example to show that China and Russia jointly safeguard fishery resources and build a water ecological civilization.

Heilongjiang River is the boundary river of China and Russia as well as the common fishing ground of fishermen in the two countries. The sustainable development of fishery of the two rivers is of great significance to both countries. In 1994, the Chinese and Russian governments signed the Protocol on the Protection, Adjustment and Proliferation Cooperation of Aquatic living Resources in the Border Waters of Heilongjiang River and Wusuli River. Over the past two decades, the two sides have been engaged in sustained and close cooperation in fisheries production, resource conservation, fishery administration and combating illegal fishing in border waters and positive results have been made. 

Enhancement and release activity is not only an effective way to conserve aquatic biological resources and improve the ecological environment of water area but also an effective way to stabilize the development of fishery production and increase fishermen’s income. In recent years, China has invested about 1 billion yuan per year in enhancement and release, nearly 40 billion aquatic species have been released, which has resulted many positive results. Through carrying out a series of measures, such as enhancing and releasing resources, building marine ranching, conducting summer  fishing moratorium and quota fishing pilots, the sustainable development of fishery has been improved continuously.

Since the beginning of this year, China, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam and the countries around the Lancang-Mekong River basin have jointly carried out fishery resources enhancement, releasing and conservation activities, and have achieved good economic, social and ecological benefits. Those activities have played a positive role in promoting broader bilateral fishery cooperation and promoting the well-being and friendship of the peoples, which have been highly recognized by the countries concerned and widely praised by all sectors of society.

Local representatives and representatives from the Bureau of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, the Heilongjiang Agricultural Commission, the Ministry of Fisheries of the Russian Federation and other relevant departments attended the release activities. At the same time, the Russian side also held related enhancement and releasing activities.