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Theme Exhibition on China Important Agricultural Heritage Systems Held in Beijing
Date:2018-11-28    Source:MARA

On November 24, the Theme Exhibition on China Important Agricultural Heritage Systems was held at the China Agricultural Museum in Beijing. Vice Minister Qu Dongyu attended the opening ceremony. He stressed that, with important historical, scientific and cultural values, agricultural heritage in China is of reference significance for developing modern agriculture. It is necessary to pay attention to the protection and inheritance of the farming culture and revitalize the rural culture so as to create a strong synergy of the whole society in order to promote the Chinese farming culture.

The theme exhibition, which displayed achievements made by China in the protection and utilization of agricultural heritage in recent years, will last for over three months and close on February 28, 2019. It is the first time that 91 important agricultural heritages in China have been demonstrated in an all-round way, and features as well as five characteristics including economy, ecological environment, technology, culture and landscape of each agricultural heritage site will be  systematically introduced during the exhibition. At the same time, visitors will enjoy 24 shows of intangible cultural heritages selected by heritage sites in 10 provinces, such as Yunnan Hani Ancient Songs, Guizhou Congjiang Grand Songs of Dong, Sichuan Yanting Silkworm Dance, Zhejiang Huzhou Traditional Silk Reeling and Yunnan Tengchong Shadow Play. Visitor can also participate in some carefully arranged activities of fun, including the 3D animation of Hani Rice Terraces, the interactive animation of Zhejiang Qingtian mermaids, and I Have a Date with the Heritage. 

Participants of the opening ceremony are as follows: officials from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China Association of Natural Science Museum, China National Museum, China Railway Museum, Chemical Industry Museum of China, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences, relevant departments, bureaus and directly affiliated units of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, agricultural departments in some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government of China and some heritage sites as well as participants of the Special Training Courses on Regional Public Brand Building of Agricultural Products in Xinjiang, some teachers and students of primary and secondary schools in Beijing and representatives from all walks of life.