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Vice Minister Qu Dongyu Meets Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam
Date:2018-12-17    Source:MARA


Qu Dongyu, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), met with Tran Thanh Nam, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam in Beijing on December 3rd.

Qu spoke highly of the fruits of China-Vietnam agricultural cooperation and made the following cooperation proposals: First,  strengthen high-level exchanges and dialogues between the two Ministries, make good use of  the mechanism of China-Vietnam Joint Committee on Agricultural Cooperation, and take part in forums, exhibitions and other activities for communication and coordination; second,  carry out exchanges and cooperation in agricultural science and technology, and create cooperation platforms; third,  cooperate in cross-border animal disease prevention and control, and intensify the efforts for prevention and control capacity in a joint manner; fourth,  strengthen cooperation in fisheries and aquaculture, and promote aquaculture industry development in the two countries; fifth, expand agricultural trade, invite Vietnam to participate in various trade promotion activities hosted by China, and facilitate the access of quality Vietnamese agricultural products to the Chinese market. 

Deputy Minister Tran agreed with Qu on his proposals, saying that Vietnam has attached great importance to the exchanges and cooperation between China and Vietnam in agriculture and rural affairs. Vietnam is ready to send delegations to China to learn China’s practices in rural revitalization. Also, Vietnam would like to cooperate with China in livestock breeding, livestock product processing and capacity building. Deputy Minister Tran expressed that the Vietnamese delegation is set to attend the 1st Rural Revitalization International Forum which is to be held by MARA next year, the 3rd China (Hangzhou) International Tea Expo and other relevant events.