Metropolitan Agriculture

Agricultural Internet of Things
Date:2017-08-17    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


In 2016, some application models and cases with good result in saving cost and increasing gains were achieved on vegetables, aquatic products, animal husbandry, water and fertilizer integration. In vegetables production, the output was increased by 10% with manpower cost cut by 20% in Dorey Demonstration Farm; in aquatic breeding, the unit yield of white-leg shrimps increased by 27% and the death rate of grown shrimps lowered by 2.15% at the base in Jixian Farmers’ Specialized Cooperatives of Fengxian District; in pig breeding, at Shanghai Xiangxin Pig Breeding Farm demonstration area, the number of workers needed per 10000 pigs was reduced from 20~30 to 8~12; and in the water and fertilizer integrated irrigation application, the use of agricultural chemicals and fertilizer was reduced by 20%, and with automatic fertilizer and water irrigation for strawberry, the output value per mu increased by 15,000 yuan, with profit increasing by 10000 yuan. In November 2016, four agricultural IOT enterprises of Shanghai attended the 14th China International Agricultural Products Fair.


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