Construction of Beautiful Countryside

Protection of Fishing Resources
Date:2017-08-17    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


In 2016, Shanghai invested enhancement and release funds of various categories totaling 17.635 million yuan, releasing various offspring seeds totaling 142.378 million in important fishing waters, well promoting the ecological remediation work such as construction of marine ranching demonstration areas, and achieving good social and ecological benefits. On November 18, 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture and Shanghai Municipal Government jointly held the enhancement and release activity of “Saving the national treasure Chinese sturgeon and jointly promoting protection of Yangtze River” at the Yangtze River Estuary, Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture and Yang Xiong, Mayor of Shanghai were present and delivered speeches. On the spot, 85 Chinese sturgeons with total length over 1.6m, over 39,000 common suckers as state second class protection animals and over 20,000 Songjiang perches were released. In 2016, the construction of Chongming base project for protection of Chinese sturgeons was basically completed. We carried out in an orderly way the special action to clear and ban fishing ships without name, number and certificates, and a total of 6989 such ships were cleared and banned in the whole city. On land area, illegal buildings and setups were demolished totaling over 13000 square meters. Under the strict supervision and control, large scale illegal fishing by ships without name, number and certificates has basically disappeared in Shanghai section of Yangtze River and in the water area of Hangzhou Bay, the quantity of illegal buildings and setups at gathering places of ships without name, number and certificates in inland water areas and on land was reduced substantially, and the management order both on water and along banks showed essential improvement.


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