Construction of Beautiful Countryside

Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution Prevention and Control
Date:2017-08-17    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


We continually pushed forward the sixth round of three-year action plan for agricultural environmental protection. In 2016, green manure planting was done for 470,000 mu, 230,000 tons of commodity organic fertilizer applied, soil testing and formula fertilizer used for 1.6 million mu-times and slow release fertilizer used for 28,000 mu-times, in the whole year, integrated water and fertilizer application was done for 42,000 mu-times. Construction of specialized unified prevention demonstration points was continually strengthened, and more application of new type plant protection equipment was made. During the year, high effect low toxicity pesticides were applied for 3 million mu-times, and green prevention and control technologies of light, color, sex and food seduction and pest-prevention net were applied for 195,000 mu-times. Construction was completed for 9 demonstration spots for utilizing vegetable wastes as resources.


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