Living Standard of Farmers

Comprehensive Assistance in Rural Areas
Date:2017-08-17    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


In 2016, the work on comprehensive assistance in rural areas obtained phased achievements. The application work for this round of “self-developing” assistance projects was completed ahead of schedule. The 5 areas receiving aids declared 21 projects, with property construction area of about 710,000 square meters, and total project investment of 3.38 billion yuan, including 996 million yuan as municipal level earmarked fund. Some projects have been put into operation, starting to generate returns. For four consecutive years of 2013-2016, assistance donation fund from assisting entities were fully paid. The 38 entities as assisting districts, development zones and enterprise groups carried out oriented assistance actively and expanded assistance connotation, to drive up the economic and social development in the assisted areas.


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