Living Standard of Farmers

Non-agricultural Employment
Date:2017-08-17    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


The “special program to promote employment for farmers with land expropriated” was implemented. In 2016, 2240 farmers with land expropriated were authenticated as meeting specified criteria “personnel with difficulty in employment”, and by arranging them at public welfare posts, or employing them by employers with policy support, 2054 of them got jobs. In 2016, municipal level cross-district employment allowance, employment allowance for farmer households with low income and social security allowance for flexible employment of farmers at above-average age with land expropriated were distributed to a total of about 64,000 person-times. More efforts were made in employment service for rural labor, and employment service was provided for farmers with land expropriated ready to be employed for 37,600 person-times, and 17,000 jobs were provided. The employment service rate reached 100% for farmers with land expropriated ready to be employed but having not yet been employed in Shanghai.


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