Rural Reform

Property Right System Reform for Rural Collective Economic Organizations
Date:2017-08-17    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


Increased efforts were made in the reform of rural collective property right system, appraisal of fixed assets and circulating funds for rural collective assets was carried out as the first in the country, the four-level assets monitoring and management platform at the municipal district, town and village levels has been established, and the demarcation and farming age statistics have been completed for members of collective economic organizations, forming a complete policy system for property right reform. By the end of 2016, system reform had been completed in 97% villages and 20% towns in Shanghai. The separation of village administration from economy has been fully implemented in Shanghai, for management with separate accounts. Over 1.1 million people enjoyed the dividends of reform to different extents. In Minhang District, as a rural reform pilot area in the country, active efforts were made in the pilot reform of six rights and functions of rural collective asset shares, namely possession, gain, paid withdrawal and mortgage, guarantee and inheritance, farmers have obviously enhanced their sense of gain, the annual per capita dividend distribution was 3764 yuan for 116,800 people, or 15,056 yuan by household average; the income from property including income from shares accounted for 18.3% of the household income of rural residents, making it one of the areas with the smallest urban-rural gap in the country


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