Rural Reform

Transfer of Land Contractual Operation Right
Date:2017-08-17    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


Attention has been paid to enhancing the stability of land transfer in rural areas, and the land transfer behaviors have been strictly formalized. By the end of 2016, farmer households in the suburb of Shanghai had contracted land of 117,733 hectares, and land of 88,400 hectares had been transferred, at a transfer ratio of 75.1%, ranking at the front among all provinces in the country. The platform “rural land contractual operation information management system of Shanghai” was established and completed, and the pre-warning function of the system is used to monitor the transfer movement in real-time, fully raising the informatization management level of rural land transfer in Shanghai as a whole. Contracted land of 86,467 hectares was transferred on a unified basis by the village collective as entrusted by farmer households, with the entrusting ratio of 97.8%. Shanghai guides the orderly transfer of land contractual operation right, and explores the establishment of open transaction market for rural land transfer in a formalized, orderly, fair and reasonable manner with swift information and sound network. By the end of 2016, open transaction market for rural land transfer had been established in 74 townships the contracted land of 218 villages has entered the open market for transfer and transaction, 976 plots of contracted land had been traded, involving area of 6380 hectares of contracted land, and realizing transaction amount of 259 million yuan.


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