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Construction of Beautiful Countryside
Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission



Efforts were made to push ahead the construction of beautiful countryside demonstration villages by following the main line of “beautiful ecology, rich in industry and root in culture”, deepening the connotation of construction of beautiful countryside, upgrading the ecological quality of rural areas, promoting the industrial development in rural areas and tapping the rural cultural elements. In Dec. 2015, after application by villages, recommendation by townships and towns, review by districts and county, and deliberation by Shanghai Leading Group of Beautiful Countryside Building Work, Pailou Village and Guoyuan Village of Pudong New District, Minzhu Village of Minhang District, Beiguan Village of Jiading District, Xinye Village of Fengxian District, Xinjian Village of Songjiang District, Zhonghong Village and Shuiku Village of Jinshan District, Lianhu Village, Zhongbu Village and Dongzhuang Village of Qingpu District, Yindong Village, Hezhong Village, Fengle Village and Juxun Village of Chongming County were appraised as beautiful countryside demonstration villages in Shanghai in 2015.


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