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City and Town Construction
Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


Overall urban and rural planning was further deepened, to promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas. Relevant policies were issued to support the reform and development of new cities in suburbs and pilot in reform and development of small towns, and speed up the balanced configuration of production elements and public service resources to suburbs. The construction of new cities in suburbs and the ecological island of Chongming was pushed ahead steadily according to relevant plans. At the end of 2015, there were 101 townships and towns and 1585 organized villages in the suburb of Shanghai; the urbanization level reached 78.13%; the constructed area of cities and towns was about 1987.06 square kilometers; in the constructed areas of cities and towns, the per capita pubic green land area was 32.99 square meters; in the suburb area, the cable TV popularization rate reached 93.2%, and this rate was 89.77% in the rural areas.


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