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Agricultural Sources Emission Reduction and Irregular Livestock Breeding Farms (Households) Harnessing
Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Shanghai completed pollution emission reduction projects in 88 scaled livestock and poultry farms, and they passed the verification and acceptance by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. According to the accounting by the environmental protection departments, in 2015, the COD and ammonia nitrogen emission from agricultural sources of Shanghai was reduced by respectively 16.2% and 15.8% from the 2010 level. According to the breeding industry layout planning and the environmental capacity of Shanghai, more efforts were made to harness irregular breeding farms (households), 2720 irregular livestock and poultry breeding farms (households) were identified, and by the end of 2015, harnessing had been completed for 2578 of them, fulfilling 94.8% of the total tasks.


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