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Family Farm
Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission



In 2015, there were 3555 family farms in total engaged in grain production in Shanghai, 27.56% more than that of the previous year. Development of family farms was encouraged in diversified forms such as grain production combined with agricultural mechanization, planting combined with breeding, and gain combined with cash crops, and there were 175 family farms engaged in cash crops, 59 engaged in aquaculture, and 40 of other types. Integrated development of family farms with other new types of agricultural operators was promoted, with emphasis on promoting such patterns as leading agricultural enterprise + family farm, leading agricultural enterprise + farmers cooperative + family farm, farmers’ cooperative organization + family farm, and town agricultural investment company + family farm.Support to and management of family farms were strengthened, the policy of interest discount support for loans to family farms was implemented, and 53 family farms got support from the loan interest discount project. The standard for municipal level demonstration family farm was formulated, and 106 municipal level demonstration family farms were appraised. The Investigation Report on Development of Family Farms in Shanghai was completed, and submitted to the Agriculture Office of the central government. The practice of developing family farms in Shanghai has obtained affirmative approval by Vice Premier Wang Yang of the State Council.


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