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Livestock Husbandry
Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission



In 2015, the output value of the livestock husbandry was 6.423 billion yuan, down by 11.4% from the previous year. In the whole city, 2.69 million pigs were slaughtered, 7.3% down from the previous year. Poultry taken to the slaughterhouse was 19.517 million heads, 17.3% down from the previous year; fresh egg output was 53,300 tons, 5.8% down from the previous year; cows on hand reached 81,700 heads, up 9.1% over the previous year, including milking cows 40,400 heads, up 1.7% over the previous year; total fresh milk output reached 372,600 tons, an increase of 6.8% over the previous year; average total milk yield per cow was 9,409 kilograms, up 3.6% over the previous year.


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