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Planting Industry
Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission



In 2015, the output value of the planting industry was 14.59 billion yuan, down by 16.7% from the previous year. The grain crops sowing area was 162,000 hectare-rounds, 3333 hectare-rounds less than that of the previous year; the total grain output was 1.121 million tons. In 2015, the planting area of melon, fruit and other cash crops was 626,000 mu/rounds and the gross output value was 5.3 billion yuan, 610 million yuan more than that of 2014; the annual output of edible fungi was 148,000 tons, with output value of 1.22 billion yuan. .In 2015, the vegetable sowing area was 1.616 million mu/rounds, and local vegetables were supplied to the market at a daily average of 8730 tons, including 4130 tons as green leafy vegetables.


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