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Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


Shanghai Agriculture Website  In 2015, the web portal of Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Commission was fully revised, and the information on the former websites of Shanghai agricultural service and administration were integrated into the totally new “Shanghai Agriculture” website, incorporated into the websites of Shanghai Municipal Government as a web portal of Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Commission for management. The new “Shanghai Agriculture” website takes foot in Shanghai and serves the whole country, its not only covers the governmental functions of the Agriculture Commission for open administration and online information in contents, but also provides functions of agricultural science and technology service, agricultural products market information, agricultural products price monitoring, 12316 hotline and public interaction. The updated website has strengthened information release and refreshing, and included the “Shanghai Agriculture” micro portal, the functions of the website in public service, interaction and exchange and free access by visual impaired personnel have been greatly upgraded.

Shanghai 12316 Service Hotline for Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers    It is a public service hotline with its capacity expanded on the basis of Shanghai Agricultural Science Hotline, providing consulting service in the fields such as agricultural production technology, market information for agricultural products and policies supporting and benefiting agriculture. In 2014, it received 15,442 consulting calls from the whole country, 186 online inquiries and incoming consultation for 54 person-times, replied to 28 letters, organized experts to provide service in the countryside for 6200 person-times, distributed 13,819 copies of popular science publicity materials and sent 908,000 short messages for scientific and technological service. It established a 302-member contingent of consulting experts in agricultural science and a 1,872-member contingent of community-level information assistants, timely solving the practical problems of farmers in production and life and collecting the rural community-level information.


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