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Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism
Date:2016-09-20    Source:Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission


The leisure agriculture has developed while its quality improved. By the end of 2015, the leisure agriculture of Shanghai received total tourists of 17.6586 million person-times, including 98 leisure agriculture resorts each receiving over 10000 person-times in the year, the agriculture-related tourism got total revenue of 1.437 billion yuan, including 386 million yuan as sales income of agricultural and by-products, and it provided 30677 jobs for local farmers (including new jobs for 4845 people during festivals). During the year, over 20 leisure agriculture festival celebration events of various features were held, realizing countryside and city interactions with “events every quarter, celebrations every month, and visiting tourists every day”. Six categories of development models such as agritainment, recreation grange, sightseeing plantation, agricultural park, ecological garden and folk culture were initially formed. In the activities of establishing National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration County, China’s Most Beautiful Leisure Village, China’s Beautiful Countryside and National Leisure Agriculture Demonstration Resort sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and China National Tourism Administration, Lvxiang Fruit Park of Jinshan District, Xilai Grange of Chongming County and Ruihua Orchard of Guangming Food Group were authenticated as National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Spots; Yingdong Village of Chongming County, Zhangma Village of Qingpu District, Haiwan Village and Yangwang Village of Fengxian District were authenticated as China’s Most Beautiful Leisure Village. In the activities of creating National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Star-level Demonstration Spots, 16 scenic resorts for agricultural tourism in Shanghai won the star-level titles, including 2 at five-star: Wendao Garden and Kaibo Leisure Grange, 4 at four-star: Shenya Ruidi Yiyuan, Jinmao Fishing Village, Lvxiang Fruit Park and Chongming Household; and 10 at three-star: Juyin Grange, Wanjin Fish Enjoying Grange, Chengwai Vineyard, Yida Herbary Garden, Parent-child Village, Yule Dock, Yishenyuan Grange, Shanyang Rural Garden, Alin Fruit and Vegetable Garden and West Bank Oxygen Bar. Shanghai Academy Household of Classical Learning won the honorable title of “National Top Ten Leisure Granges in 2015”.

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